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Doctors Seeing Increase in Young Stroke Victims

“The decreased rate in stroke probably has to do with the fact that we’ve become much better at treating the known risk factors for stroke,” said Dr. David Teeple, a Center for Neurosciences neurologist. “The reason there’s an increase of people under the age of 50 probably is mirroring or has to do with this epidemic of obesity.”

KVOA | | Tucson, Arizona

Firefighter Eric Cline Makes Remarkable Recovery

“He was within a hairs breath from being dead,” said Kurt Schroeder, MD. “It was as though his brain had recovered from this massive increase in the clot and now was starting to work again and the next morning he looked better and it was then we took him to the OR got him coiled, evacuated the clot and started his recovery.”

KVOA | | Tucson, Arizona

Online Bill Pay

We now offer secure online bill pay to our patients. Please visit the Patient Resources tab to sign-on to our secure site.