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what is the selling function

Functions of Marketing. In addition to regular salary they are paid with commission on the basis of increased volume of sales. A salesman has to prepare himself first. The selling function involves a number of subsidiary activities- (a) product planning and development i.e., merchandising, (b) search of buyers, (c) creation of demand through all means of promotion, (d) negotiation of terms of sale such as quality, quantity and price and (e) sale contract leading to transfer of title and possession of goods. A sales organization performs a number of functions. Selling service encompasses a number of features and customer satisfaction depends on getting the expected results in performance of all these features. Direct selling is a kind of non-store retailing. Découvrez et achetez Sales manager's profit planner : planning and controlling the selling function. The selling price per unit is … ‘Can I get a black lycra gown?’ ‘Would you like it in black lycra?’ A positive answer from the prospect confirms his buying intention? 2. It is a wealth producing activity. Once prepared, he has to locate the customers. I read an article in which the position was put forth, “Inside sales does not have the responsibility for creating pipeline, only the responsibility for selling. Selling is about meeting people, establishing relationships and communication. Selling is the function of actually selling a product to a client. There are six prerequisites of effective selling: (3) Know your competitors and their products. That happens when a supplier convinces a customer that it can enhance the value of its service by buying another from a different part of the supplier's company. The selling function encourages for large scale production and higher investments which are essential for growth of the company. A question from the prospect is thrown back to him. A well-prepared salesman is ever ready to clarify the objections raised by the prospect. Executives might include the CEOs of major corporations. Hence, salesmen must be company-oriented. The matching of supply with demand is impossible without knowledge of your customers representing the demand side of the match. Here, the prospect may raise certain objections, which are to be handled effectively. One common problem of industrial selling is that often the salesperson tends to involve in overselling to the buying organization. If a salesman forces a prospect to buy which is not in his interest, he is not selling, he is just cheating. The greatest difference is that you'll typically be dealing with either professional buyers or high-level executives when you attempt to make B2B sales. A salesman has to set call objectives. Suppose that the selling price p of an item for the quantity x sold is given by the function: p = -1/3x +40. The salesman identifies the actual needs of people and provides with good that satisfy the needs. Product can be tailored to those specific requirements. Created by. As a sales representative, you must satisfy all queries of prospects about your firm so that they may decide to do business with your firm. Retailing is the last stage of distribution. For low involvement situations, a company appoints dealers or retailers who are entrusted in reselling the products based on commissions or profit margins. The salesman must have a flexible and adaptive attitude. The salesperson will accomplish their primary function through a variety of means including phone calls, email, social media, networking, and cold calling. The time lag between prospecting calls made and the income in future is to be carefully noted. are the ways to increase the national income of the country. The products developed and offered by a business enterprise may be industrial products, consumer products or agricultural products. Buyer behaviour involves perception, motivation and learning processes. 4. Transportation, warehouses and shipping timelines are part of distribution. To Make Sales. For instance, many companies that sell advertising or office supplies will send their reps directly into the stores that … Development of Personality and Responsibility: Selling develops various challenges before a salesman. Follow-up is also necessary to collect information from the customer regarding product use problems. The product and the buyer must be involved with each other. Minor objections are just a type of defensive behaviour. The salesman properly observed the order and executed. This information can be obtained through market research. This includes activities aimed at planning and adjusting the product line according to the expectations and desires of customers. Building and maintaining relationships is easier within the network that you and your customer trust. Direct selling is usually associated with party-plan and network marketing companies. In this respect, service selling has gained importance because of a large customer base and competitive clout. Merchandising is giving products as per the needs and desires of society. Basis of exchange – Selling is the source for establishing relations between a seller and a buyer and it is the exchange of goods for a value. However, as beautiful as your digital storefront might be, that doesn't mean you'll gain traction straight away. A key sales function is following up with the leads generated by a marketing department. In the words of Edmond Spencer, “Selling is the means of social cultivation and growth.”. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Storage - products must be stored and protect ed until they are needed. It is through market research, advertising and publicity that new products and services are reached to the people by creating product awareness among them. Service selling has some distinctive properties vis-a-vis product selling. Successful businesses usually develop a structured handoff process so that each marketing-qualified lead receives appropriate and timely follow-up from a sales team member. Sales are often referred to as a "numbers game" because a general … Cross-Selling in Ecommerce. Inc. helps entrepreneurs change the world. It is necessary to know more and more about the prospects – a kind of pre-approach. (e) Selling points of the product in relation to its rivals, and so on. Closing ultimately is a process that facilitates the prospect to be decisive. The Seven Functions of Marketing. Tweet. Executives might include the CEOs of major corporations. It is through selling that all business activities are based. A key sales function is following up with the leads generated by a marketing department. 66 views . The paragraphs below list and explain the 7 functions of marketing and their importance. Sales are not an end in itself; post sale activities lay the foundation of future business and contribute a great deal to the goodwill of the firm. Even during the call a salesperson could show a video or use a small printer to print a personalised quotation. Marketing, Products, Selling, Meaning of Selling. The notion can be employed argumentatively, in the case of commodities are not solicited, i.e. Steps Involved in the Process 6. Selling is not an event, but a process. He should not impose his own likings on the prospect. In reality, economic exchange is the central point of every economy. The operational and other expenses of an enterprise are met out from the income generated by selling. Good communications between the various mem­bers of the sales team and an appropriate contact with the customer are essential. Inside salespeople often collaborate with field reps by working the phones to prospect, arrange meetings and follow up with customers. In addition to regular salary they are paid with commission on the basis of increased volume of sales. A discussion elicits buyer needs and reveals his attitudes. The problem is that much time is spent doing administration, driving, waiting and sorting out problems caused elsewhere in your organisation. Gravity. Social selling is about leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals. One major characteristic feature of service selling is that of service creation, where selling takes place simultaneously. In a competitive business environment, it is the performance of salesmen that create more wants and satisfy wants. Transportation, warehouses and shipping timelines are part of distribution. You must master the selling arithmetic and must have a calculator handy. It is a combination of various practices, activities and motives. (d) To secure consumers’ cooperation in stocking and promoting the product line. During the sales talk, sometimes it is not easy to see a condition. This is the most important step in the selling process. Generally, higher-end retail environments are more likely to have intensive sales employees. A salesman sometimes acts as a guide to the prospect. The seller must inform the buyer about the availability of his products. The overall conduct of the salesmen matters a lot here. If it is a corporate organisation, we can use stock exchange records about the company. 7. 10. A spell of silence might be dangerous to close. If this is not successful, we know for sure it is a condition. The goods and services produced in a factory or in the agricultural fields, can be reached to the buyers by selling only. This is why it said, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” Therefore, the “something” that creates in an economy is based on the selling activities. (xiv) ‘Selling’ views the customer as the list link in the business. d. In more intensive sales environments, employees are called sales associates and are typically more proactive in trying to sell products to customers. The term not yet evolved to what it is today.Leaving marketing lumped in as a sales process. Many users have got an online store up and running within the day. A good salesman has to judge between a condition and an objection. Each capability of the product must be proved to the buyer. Tendering is the usual process where the government unit invites registered sellers to submit quotations where it applies bidding process and supplies the desired product to the party who quotes the lowest price of a particular commodity. Suppose that the selling price p of an item for the quantity x sold is given by the function: p = -1/3x +40. It is possible to know their present consumption and usage. Functions of Personal Selling. This cannot be replaced by modern technology but it can be helped by such developments. Raises standard of living – Thompson observes that the higher standard of living that we enjoy is the result of selling. While he is doing so, the salesman has to pass encouraging remarks. Salesmen have good image and respect in the society. A consultant type approach expects the customer to talk more about his needs. 0. Competition should be brought up only when a buyer insists on comparison. Hence it would not be wrong if we say that the success of any selling organisation depends upon the planning and development of the right type and kind of products. In modern times, selling is considered in its wider scope. Building and maintaining relationships is easier within the network that you and your customer trust. Find the maximum profit the company can expect monthly. The merchandiser is not a salesperson but efforts to improve product displays can ensure the product sells through the intermediary on to the eventual consumer. 8. A salesman must at the right moment pull out the ordering material, and fill it up quickly. The common mistake committed by the salesman is to do all the demo himself. Everyone needs psychic income too. For shopping goods, like fashion shoes or designer shirts, selling through independent or franchised retailers are effective. Sales director, etc. Morris (1992) illustrated three types of buying strategies, namely – speculative buying, forward buying, and hand to mouth buying. Solution for What is social selling, and how is it affecting the sales function in organizations? He has to be up-to-date on product knowledge. Increase in competition in this sector has increased the need for differentiation in service attributes and quality improvements to win and hold customers for a longer time. Kirkpatric writes “no machine is going to replace or make obsolete the salesmen, whose judgment is sound, whose tact and direction are outstanding, whose thinking is keen.”, Salesmen represent the producer, the society and the business world as a whole. At each of these sets in distribution, companies need salespeople to sell to buyers. Until the late sixties, the concept of marketing burst on the scene. Salesman must have know the reasons customers might have for buying his products. The distribution function of marketing deals with how you will get the products you are selling to your customer. The main functions of a sales organization are given below: 1. Outside salespeople go on the road, usually, to meet with distributors and convince them to carry products. Selling is a marketing function that involves determining client needs and wants and responding through planned, personalized communication that influences purchase decisions and enhances Selling - producers function within a free market to sell products to consumers. Productive function – It is through selling the source of income and profits are made available. In situations, where purchase is deliberative in character and potential customers need enough product information, specification compliance, and the need to consider selling terms and conditions; direct selling through company hired salespeople or experienced distributors are given the responsibility to handle the customers. Personal selling sales promotion, advertising and publicity are specific parts of salesmanship. Karl H. Tietjen defines product planning as “The act of marketing out and supervising the search, screening, development and commercialisation of new products; the modification of existing lines; and the discontinuance of marginal and unprofitable items.”. A salesman must have his closing material ready at all times and at all places. STUDY. Usually, in the sales presentation there is demonstration. The Seven Functions of Marketing. An objection is just a statement. They are judged by the name of the company that manufactures them. Selling comprises all those personal and impersonal activities involved in finding, securing and developing a demand for a given product or service.

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