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autocad fillet lines not coplanar

You have entered an incorrect email address! 4. Lines (Polylines) lay in different planes. Create a fillet like connection between a helix and a vertical line. I assume you understand the distinction between co-planar and parallel to an axis. Select all the Lines and Polylines in your drawing (this was easy for me as my pipework is on it’s own layer). 1. 2. change the UCS: chamfer/fillet only work in a 2D face (X/Y), when u have a corner in (X/Z) u have to change the UCS from (X/Z) to (X/Y). How to make a pair and corner rounding in AutoCAD. Tips To Remove Non-Coplanar Line In AutoCAD. AutoCAD LT 2015: we Lasso the new features. 3. Once the two objects meet, enter the FILLET command. How to make (build) conjugation in AutoCAD with automatic rounding of the corners of the polyline, parallel lines, non-overlapping … 1. Now you can see all objects are selected. Hit ENTER to choose