Medical Specialties

At the Center for Neurosciences, we work together across specialties to provide the best, most comprehensive approach to treatment.

Adult Neurology

Our adult neurologists are leaders in providing innovative neurological care. We treat patients with stroke, multiple sclerosis, dementia, peripheral nerve disease and other disorders. We also direct an Epilepsy Clinic in collaboration with Tucson Medical Center, which includes an epilepsy-monitoring unit equipped with video-EEG technology.

Pediatric Neurology

The Center for Neurosciences is home to Southern Arizona’s only group of full-time pediatric neurologists who are uniquely equipped to address the special care required for children with neurological diseases and neurobehavioral conditions. To provide a special level of care and attention to our pediatric patients, our facility features a separate pediatric lobby and a climate-controlled play patio.


Our neurosurgeons treat the full range of adult neurological conditions from brain tumors to epilepsy. Active in graduate education and clinical trials, our neurosurgeons are on the leading edge of training and scientific research.


The Center for Neurosciences is home to Southern Arizona’s only neuro-oncologist and a multi-disciplinary Brain Tumor Center. We are committed to providing leading-edge care and we work seamlessly with a full range of subspecialists, including neuro-surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, neuro-pathologists and neuro-radiologists.

Interventional Pain Management

A world-class pain management program is part of the Center for Neurosciences’ commitment to comprehensive neurological care. Our focus is on minimally invasive pain treatments for the entire spectrum of chronic pain conditions.

Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology is a specialty that uses a focused radiation beam to treat a variety of medical conditions, including malignant and benign brain and spinal tumors, as well as some vascular and nerve disorders such as arteriovenous malformations and trigeminal neuralgia. Radiation can be given either alone or in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy.


With the most experienced otologist/neurotologist in Southern Arizona, a full-time audiologist, personalized clinical coordination, comprehensive hearing and vestibular (balance) testing, state-of-the-art implantable hearing devices program, and complete infrastructure for clinical research, Ear & Hearing at the Center for Neurosciences provides unmatched care in Southern Arizona for all disorders of the ear and lateral skull base.


Audiology, in close partnership with Otology/Neurotology, offers complete hearing health solutions within Ear & Hearing at the Center for Neurosciences.


Our Neurohospitalist program consists of physicians and providers who care for hospitalized patients with (or at risk for) neurological disorders and disease.