Medical Specialties

At the Center for Neurosciences, we work together across specialties to provide the best, most comprehensive approach to treatment.


Audiology, in close partnership with Otology/Neurotology, offers complete hearing health solutions within Ear & Hearing (E&H) at the Center for Neurosciences (CNS).

Stephanie Bourn, AuD, CCC-A and Mary Rose Goldstein, AuD, CCC-A are highly qualified audiologist with specific expertise in adult and pediatric audiology, adult and pediatric cochlear implants, and adult and pediatric hearing aid management. Dr. Bourn leads the audiology program at the Center for Neurosciences.

Our Doctors of Audiology strive to provide you with accurate information regarding your hearing status, promote understanding of your hearing and communication needs, increase your knowledge of evidence-based management and/or treatment options and introduce you to the hearing health tools and resources that can maximize your quality of life and reduce the negative impact of hearing disorders.

Dr. Bourn-MacDonald and Dr. Goldstein work closely with Dr. Abraham Jacob, the region’s most experienced board-certified, fellowship-trained Neurotologist, who provides medical and surgical care for complex ear diseases. Should you require medical care related to your hearing loss, Audiology at E&H can provide complete diagnostic care, treatment and rehabilitation.

What is Audiology?

Audiologists are healthcare professionals who provide patient-centered care in the prevention, identification, diagnosis, and evidence-based management of hearing, balance, and other auditory disorders. Hearing and balance disorders are often complex and multifactorial. Audiologists provide individualized services to help minimize the negative affect of these disorders to improve quality of life for patients.

Our highly-skilled and trained audiologists have earned a Clinical Doctorate in Audiology (AuD). After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Speech & Hearing Sciences (or a closely related field), they attended 4 years of graduate school courses, clinical training, and complete a doctoral research project to earn their degree.

    Conditions We Evaluate and Manage

    Sensorineural Hearing Loss
    Conductive Hearing Loss
    Mixed Hearing Loss

    Services Offered

    We provide a variety of services to evaluate hearing and ear-related dizziness problems including:

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluation and management for adults
  • Comprehensive hearing evaluation and management for pediatrics (newborn to 18 years)
  • Comprehensive hearing evaluation and management for developmentally disabled persons
  • Ultra-high frequency audiograms for surveillance during exposure to ototoxic medications like cancer chemotherapy
  • Otoacoustic emissions testing
  • Auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing
  • Videonystagmography (VNG) testing
  • Vestibular myogenic evoked potentials testing (VEMP)
  • Bithermal caloric function tests
  • Electroneurography (ENoG)
  • Cochlear implant evaluation, activation, and follow-up (Cochlear Americas, Med-El, and Advanced Bionics)
  • Bone-anchored-hearing implant (BAHA, Ponto, and Sophono) candidacy evaluations, activation, and programming
  • Middle ear implant (Vibrant Soundbridge, Esteem, and Maxum) candidacy evaluations, activation, and programming
  • Earlens candidacy evaluation, activation, and programming
  • Second opinion evaluations
  • Tinnitus evaluation and management
  • Vestibular evaluations
  • Hearing aids – selection, fitting, and follow-up
  • Hearing device troubleshooting, programming, and second opinions
  • Custom ear plugs or ear molds
  • Assistive listening devices and accessories
  • Counseling regarding communication strategies and living with hearing loss
  • Audiology Protocols

    Audiologic Evaluation
    Auditory Training Resources for Cochlear Implant Recipients
    Chemotherapy (Ototoxicity) Surveillance
    Cochlear Implant Candidacy
    Hearing Aid
    Vestibular Evaluation