Our Physicians

At the Center for Neurosciences, we work as a team across specialties to provide the most caring and comprehensive approach to treatment.

Adult and Pediatric Neuropsychology

  • Shannah Biggan, PhD
    • Adult Neuropsychology
    • Medico-Legal Evaluations
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Richard JennenRichard Jennen, PsyD
    • Pediatric Neuropsychology
    • Brain Tumors/Abnormalities
    • Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders
    • Pediatric Cancer
  • Kristin ThompsonKristin Thompson, PhD
    • Pediatric Neuropsychology
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Learning and Development Disabilities
    • Pediatric Cancer
  • Heather PedersenHeather Pedersen, Ph.D.
    • Adult Neuropsychology
    • Dementias
    • Traumatic Brain Injuries
    • Seizure Disorders
    • Multiple Sclerosis